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Romans 1-20Romans 1:20 KJV

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"

To me, this means that even though no one tells us about GOD, we should just know that he exist because of his creation (the heaven, earth, and specially us).

QueridaThis site is about our awesome GOD and His creations, specifically Querida, Colorado. Why Querida? Because my husband and I live in Querida (the only human inhabitants of Querida at present time). Living in Querida made us closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because we have plenty of time to devote in reading His Holy Bible. We used to live in San Diego with over 7 million inhabitants. Now we live in Querida with our pets (2 cats, 3 parrots, a desert tortoise, and about 13 feral cats that live beneath our house). We also live with our visitors (wild deer, rabbits, bears, wolfs, big horn sheep, coyotes, elks, chipmunks, prairie dogs, wild turkey, foxes, birds (magpies, blue jays, hawks, humming birds, pigeons, black birds, crows, blue birds etc.) and much much more. We love Querida for its hills, mountains valleys, wildness, solitude and most of all the feeling that we are constantly protected by our loving GOD.

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GOD bless yeThank you and may GOD bless you and yours!!!


Queridas map


Querida is a Spanish word for Beloved. It's located 8.7 miles from Westcliffe, Colorado. (From Westcliffe take highway 96 east, then take a right on County Road 341. Its about 1.2 miles from highway 96. On the right is Querida and the left is the Bassick Mine). Querida's elevation is between 9000 to 9200 feet.


History  QueridaHistory of Querida, Colorado

In 1877 Querida was founded by E.G. Bassick who located and developed the first silver mine in the valley. In 1881 Querida had a population of about 500. In 1906, Querida became a ghost town. Click here for more information.


Querida, Colorado circa 1877

Querida, Colorado circa 1877

People standing beside log cabins and a canvas tent. The town grew around the Bassick Mine, between 1877 and 1880? For the reference click here.


Another view of the photo above.

I have searched everywhere via the internet for more photos about Querida, Colorado around 1800. All I found are these three pictures (the two pictures above and one below).


Bassick Hotel burned around 1885

Bassick Hotel burned around 1885

Bassick Hotel fire, Querida, Colorado
Onlookers stand in snow by a picket fence as the two-story Bassick Hotel smokes after being ruined by flames, Querida, Custer County, Colorado between 1880 and 1885? For the reference click here.


Teacher pupils Querida School circa 1940

Teacher and pupils at Querida School circa 1940

Mary Roundy contributed the historic photos. Taken at the schoolhouse in 1940, her bother Wellyn is in the front row with glasses, brother Ralph second from right in the same row, and brother Tom peeking over the teacher's shoulders. Mary is on the left with her hand over her teacher's shoulder. Click here for more information.


Querida's School around 1940's

Querida's School around 1940's. The chimney' the only reminder of the old school today.


school bus

This photograph was taken around 1975 or 76. Notice the school bus at the buttom right handside. The school and school bus no longer exist.


cabins where Mary's family lived

These are the type of cabins where Mary's family lived. Like the school and the bus, these cabins no longer exists.

neighbors homesOne afternoon Mary and and her friend came to see us about two years ago. She pointed out where her home was located, the school, the hotel, the general store and her neighbor's homes. It's the same Mary that's in the school photo above.